Tarriss Saurer


Tarriss A. Saurer holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Sciences from Queens College. Prior to that, Tarriss has been running Operations in Promotional Marketing and services in restaurants for 20 years.  She is a Healthy Gourmet Chef and research developer on healthy eating and healthy habits. While personal training for the past 10 years she focused her concentration with athletic performance through conditioning. Tarriss is a driven wellness entrepreneur looking to strengthen the community around her while developing stronger educated athletes.


"Tarriss is an amazing instructor. She always made me feel welcome and comfortable. She’s very encouraging and involving. After just a couple of sessions I already felt stronger and in better shape."


-- Autumn Schlick


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Located in the boutique fitness center at Drew Patrick Spa, i.e. Personal Training has been helping to keep the community healthy since 1997. Since joining forces with Drew Patrick Spa in 2011, i.e. has created the ideal environment for  comfortable, private and inspiring workouts. Karen's highly qualified team of trainers, instructors and coaches can help you reach your health and fitness goals. There is no better place to treat your body right than our exclusive fitness center, pilates studio and movement studio!


At Drew Patrick Spa, we specialize in both traditional and medical spa treatments and offer a personal skincare line to pamper your body. Our personal training gym and yoga classes will invigorate your body, while our home store, featuring lifestyle gifts & furnishings, allows you to bring the Drew Patrick Spa sense of rejuvenation home with you.

"Tarriss is one of the kindest people I have yet to meet. Her kind spirit is an integral part of her relations with others and helping them achieve their goals. She radiates positivity that instills belief within her clients and enhances their drive to prevail."

-- Emma Benardos