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TarrissAthletic Wellness and Sports Nutrition Expert

Professional Bio 


Tarriss is a positive, energetic, performance-driven Sports Nutritionist and Athletic Wellness Expert with over 12 years of experience building competitive programs designed to achieve superior performance and longevity. Her expertise in positive behavior management and innovative thought leadership uniquely equips her with the ability to optimize human potential for teenage athletes. Adept at understanding the relationship between genetics, microbiome disturbances, and metabolic complications on an individuals’ health, she provides a cutting-edge approach to performance and health, driven by her proficiency in cellular health and genetic mutation research.


Tarriss received a Bachelor's degree in Science for Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences, then took on a role as a Culinary Sports Nutrition Expert and coach for primarily teenage athletes. In 2015, she launched her own company called ProNutritionRx. Tarriss is a genetic mutation research developer on the interactions of food with an individual’s body. After finding over 50 mutations in her own body, she was inspired to further her nutrition studies. While running her own business she inquired work with a few global companies where she grew her understanding for cellular health, energy medicine, and frequency healing modalities.  


Tarriss also works as a chief sensory advisor and is a plant-based menu developer for a number of chefs and gourmet market places. While she studied and worked with performance facilities coaching speed and agility training for younger athletes, she  realizing there was always a missing link with every family, Nutrition. So she opened an office in an elite Med Spa and wellness center, bringing nutrition education to local families, impacting on community wellness. 


Prior to a career in fitness and wellness, she comes from a long back-ground of culinary and restaurant development driving her past knowledge and love for food to a newfound practice and wellness lifestyle. While bringing the community closer, she developed Sports Nutrition workshops, impacting schools around the nation to improve the health of our young athletes. 


"Tarriss is an amazing instructor. She always made me feel welcome and comfortable. She’s very encouraging and involving. After just a couple of sessions I already felt stronger and in better shape."


-- Autumn Schlick



"Tarriss is one of the kindest people I have yet to meet. Her kind spirit is an integral part of her relations with others and helping them achieve their goals. She radiates positivity that instills belief within her clients and enhances their drive to prevail."

-- Emma Benardos

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