THE Athletic Teen PROGRAM

ProNutritionRx provides Athletes with setting a GOAL, discussing a STRATEGY and creating a PLAN in Fueling Performance at any level.  This 5 week Comprehensive Nutritional Coaching Program Gears individual athletes for developing healthy eating patterns.  We will discuss the 8 points of proper fueling;  Portion Control, Macronutrient Counting, Stabilizing Electrolytes, Increasing energy Levels, Proper Hydration Techniques, Carb Loading and identifying individual nutrient needs.  Promoting recovery before, during and after activities are all critical guidelines for athletes.  The program will consult athletic individuals and parents while fully assessing athletes habits.  Setting realistic goals to be monitored on a weekly basis.  Creating a plan of action, the clients Anthropometric measurements and energy needs will be evaluated.  Continuous positive mentoring for all clients to build the highest level of self confidence.  



Full assessment of athlete's habits​ including:

  • Lifestyle Evaluation

  • Anthropometric Measurements 

  • Eating Habits

  • Pre and Post Season Activity Levels

  • Sport Analysis 

  • Performance Level

  • Intervention with Parents

  • Configuration of Data Analysis 

Optional: Peak Performance Genetic Testing 



  • Blood panel of vitamins and minerals from a doctor

  • Review of proper athletic nutrient needs and functions

  • Genetic testing for methylation of biochemical interactions 

  • Evaluation of utilization's of fats, proteins and carbohydrates

  • Exact breakdown of macronutrient needs depending on athlete's sport and goals

  • Realistic nutritional eating plan for each individual 

  • Assessment of allergies and intolerable foods



Taking the information from the initial assessment, we will set realistic goals for performance and health. While educating both athlete and parent on how proper nutrition relates to potential growth and optimizing athletic performance. Together we will develop meal plans including pre and post workout snacks and best food options. We will teach you techniques on portion control, meal timing and building the best performance plate increasing your knowledge on sports nutrition.


Here we will be taking a more detailed look at what athletes are consuming before, during and after training and making adjustments to optimize results. We will discuss:

  • ​Energy availability 

  • Determining specific carbohydrate and hydration needs

  • Stabilizing electrolytes through proper hydration 

  • Utilization of fat and carb loading

  • Incorporating sports performance supplements and superfoods for athletes

For Medical Nutrition Therapy please consult a Registered Dietitian for your medical needs.


Call, Email and/or Submit your Contact Form to begin the process towards maximizing your athletic success.

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Tarriss Saurer Sports Nutritionist 


Located in a                              Recovery Wellness Studio

Melville, NY 11747

“To have any doubt in your body is the biggest weakness an athlete can have.”

- Shawn Johnson, Gymnast

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