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Eat Better, Feel Better, Perform Better 

Shift your approach to food as a female athlete to unlock your maximum potential.

How We Do It

We help athletes to achieve a healthy lifestyle for optimal performance.

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Wellness Workshops

Join us for our monthly wellness workshops, where we discuss an array of topics in the nutrition landscape and provide you with the necessary tips and methods to achieve your goals and improve your performance.


Genetic Analysis

Learn all there is to know about your body with our specialized genetic analysis program. Combining scientific research with a plan for future dieting, this program will provide you with all you need for a healthy future.


Detox Programs

Most detoxification programs can be tricky and difficult to situate into. Our detox entitles you to flexibility and options when it comes to cleansing the body and changing your habits.   

“Tarriss not only taught me about exercise and nutrition, but also motivated me to reach my personal best. Her passion and patience enabled me to understand the science-based program and I was able to exceed my fitness goals. Thank you, for coaching all of me — mind, body, and spirit.”

-- Jackie Fee


Our sports nutrition and exercise consulting for athletic adolescents and their parents creates a solid plan that is vital to improving performance and promoting positive outcomes. 

We work with any individual that feels challenged with their weight or wellness, offering complete overall health analysis, cooking instructions, meal plans, and workshops. 

We specialize in training and consulting for gymnastics, dance, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, running and swimming. 

We teach you how to fuel YOUR body and train to reduce injury and biochemical harm to your body. 

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100% Natural Electrolyte Supplement

Contains all 78 electrolyes

Complete hydration

Reduce cramps

Enhance stamina

Sustain focus

Reduce muscle fatigue

Recover faster

10 packets per box

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