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Ahhh...Meal Prep!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Who said being healthy was easy or fun, for most. Unless your like me and other vegetable loving enthusiast. For most, I have noticed that once the sun is blazing and were out enjoying the long island life style of boating, beaching and barbecues we tend to forget about eating healthy. Why is this?

My thought is simply because people are enjoying themselves with family, friends and the kids. In this limited sun shinning season who has desire to be indoors. With that who wants to think about healthy options and meal prep. Planning, washing, cutting, and preparing are just so much work. Especially after we’ve worked all week long. Right…? So what do we do…we just pick on small quick on the go unhealthy foods for a month. Then we feel bad about it and ourselves. With Summer just around the corner lets mindfully consider the alternative. This way we’re not overwhelmed with guilt. Here’s a hunch… work with me… What if you actually set yourself up to eat healthy.

If you have goals and you want to stay fit and healthy for and through the summer then lets get organized. Set yourself up for summer slim success.

Look at your schedule one week in advance. Plan the days you absolutely need your food. Take note to the times of days you get hungry. What healthy can you eat at that time. Will it be accessible. If it is, can you eat similarly created meals for 3 days. Do the mix n match to spice up your life. Meaning cook a bunch of stuff that you can mix and match over a 3 to 4 day period. This should not take more then 4 hours a week. That’s including planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. My suggestion is break down the process over 3 days so you are not overwhelmed. This could be therapeutic if you embrace it.

What is your motivation for meal prepping: to lose weight, gain muscle, be healthy, save time, feed your family. We all have something that drives us to eat besides for the “i’m hungry factor”.

Fuel your body with love. Write your goal where it is visible… this way you will not lose focus. DON’T forget make it realistic. Your Goals should always include a list of what you love to eat as well as what you NEED to eat for optimal wellness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in the kitchen will help you decide what you are willing to do. This way this does not become an unenjoyable experience.

Encourage your kids to cook with you. Its a great strategy in getting kids to eat healthier. Studies show when kids help in the kitchen they are more likely to eat well balanced meals and have a healthy relationship with food.

The good positive things that will come from this…

When school starts up again you will slide right in. No stressing to get the kids and you ready and back on track. So already one less thing to do come fall.

So I ask you again. Is the Struggle Really Real… Or just all in your head…

Hope this article has inspired you to at least consider the fabulous option of Meal Prepping. There are always helpful guides on the web to getting a head start. You can always reach out on my website found below to get meal prepping info. Have fun, eat healthy and always be safe out on the water;)

tarriss xo Rx

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