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Let's Talk Sugar.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

The average child today eats 4x's the amount of sugar they should be consuming in one day. What if we could reduce this?

Nutrition education in schools across New York State is limited. I propose a Nutrition Initiative Movement to change this. I have been approaching schools doing Beta trial runs to investigate and research the knowledge kids really have on the topics of health, nutrition, and wellness. Especially those actively involved with sports. The information I have been accumulating is astounding. I can't wait to share the research when the time is right. At this time my best move forward has been developing a program for students in elementary schools discussing SUGAR.

My Nutritional Health discussion is geared towards children making healthier choices with food. My Goal is to educate, empower, and mentor them through these decisions. I open with an interactive question on what health is to get kids thinking how much they really know on the subject. We then dive into a food intervention, assessing some examples of what they eat. Primarily the sugar intake is high. So I show them a comparison of what they are suppose to be eating while looking at their average sugar intake. We discuss energy intake and fueling the body without high sugar, and incorporating more fiber and a balance intake of macro nutrients. Videos, powerpoint, and demonstrations are all part of the nutritional initiative movement.

I encourage anyone within the school faculty to bring this program "Let's Talk Sugar", to super intendants and principles to get the interaction going in your community.

This program is hosted by BOCES nassau (arts in education). Within the upcoming months this will be found in suffolk as well.

I look forward to connecting with as many families and school districts as possible on this matter. Let's make educating on nutrition fun.

tarriss xo Rx

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