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Never give up

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

So what exactly does it mean to give up. Well giving up is a choice most would say. Giving up is not following through with the goals we set in life. So why set goals? If we feel we fail from setting Goals then wouldn't it be easier to just not set the goals. Then we will not fail. On the flip side I can't imagine how one's life would actually be if they didn't set goals. Would their lives be filled with purpose and drive? I believe we all have a purpose. To know that purpose is to understand your passion. We all have something we are deeply passionate about. My deep passion happens to be food, nutrients and educating how to nourish ones body while being physically active. There is no greater power in this world then educating our empowering our youth on how to be strong and eat well while being active in the community of sports. That is my heartfelt opinion. My mission and drive is encouraging teenage athletes to ask me any question in sustaining a healthy body. Proper food nourishes not only your body but your mind in being motivated and productive. So if one is out on the field, course, or track.... what focus is greater then your mind all in? I am a firm believer that we are what we put in our bodies. The better we nourish our bodies the clearer our minds are to set healthy goals. So back to giving up... Giving up is not an option if we are nourished properly. Focus, mental acuity and drive will propel your inner strength. Having Passion with out the strategy is nothing. So for those girls who want to stay healthy and nourish their bodies while in the game, one must plan. Create a strategy that will give you incentive to nourish. Constant nourishment will make you more fulfilled and excited to set goals and never give up. One of the most difficult things today in our busy lives is prepping and feeding ourselves with good sustainable food. So if you can conquer this challenge you can do anything!! But don't give up start small setting your eating goals and workup to lifestyle changes. Nothing happens over night its a progression to wellness. But you got this! Focus and Conquer.

Side Note: This goes out to the girls that I coach that feel frustrated and overwhelmed that eating healthy is too difficult.

tarriss xo Rx

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