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Its no surprise about the on going debate of the food industries and pharmaceutical industries corrupting our sources of food and poisoning us with toxic chemicals. This eye catching pro-vegan written documentary has no ulterior motive (in my opinion), but speaking the truth of corporate corruption.

Last June 2017 the very controversial Netflix documentary, What The Health came out that made heads spin. People revolted and others have chronic criticism. As i was uninterested over the summer to watch the film i’ve decided to give a it a whim since JoAnn Winkhart was holding a showing at the Dix Hills library. JoAnn is an advocate for Plant Based Diets and a Long Island marketing specialist on supporting the Nationwide Meatless Mondays Movement. Love that… You can find more info on restaurant participation here…

Some people may take this as a joke or a bash on top American food corporations as well as Supported Foundations. But that is not the motive. The idea is being open- minded to a film that very well can impact your health in a more positive way.

The facts are possibly questionable to some but if one is open minded this can be a thought provoking film. Although here are some pretty interesting research facts.

Find Scientific Evidence and Medical Professional reviews here:

Here are some issues that have raised questions. I will not commentate my opinions simply because I think there are far too many out on the web. Which are great and wonderful. However my belief is people need to watch and read and make their own determinations.

So here we go…

The accuracy of egg facts in relationship to cigarettes.

Milks link to cancer… can dairy really be part of a healthy diet? Calcium it does a body good! Or just a good marketing campaign.

Pregnant women ingesting toxic substances through the placenta and giving off harmful chemicals not meant for our bodies through breast milk. PCB’s, dioxins, GMO’s and other contaminants. I’d almost rather give my baby wine! kidding!!

Can cheese cause immune disease, hormonal alterations, trigger MS, or contribute to acne breakouts.

Animal protein increases your risk for cancer. Mutation of genes thats what causing cancer. Don't you ask yourself, what’s in that stuff?

Meat linked to depression.

Are the contributions made to the Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, Diabetes Association, the FDA, and the USDA a tactic in advertising and supporting food that is actually causing all these diseases.

So what if research is right? What if the way you feel and the diseases that we develop are brought on simply from the foods we eat. If you are aware of this, why aren’t you willing to adjust your lifestyle?

I applaud JoAnn Winkhart for taking a stand and donating her time in holding a documentary viewing of WHAT THE HEALTH. “I really just want to get people thinking about what’s going on in these industries and raise awareness”. I couldn't agree more with that statement, JoAnn! Its not a bulling tactic from plant based food supporters. It is simply awareness that the public needs to be educated on.

Some may deny some of the information to be deceiving. However I do think its backed enough to get us to ponder what’s really going on. hmmmm

You can find JoAnn on the Facebook group page

“Meatless Monday and Beyond”

And you can find me always at

Think smart

With love and good health…

tarriss xo Rx

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